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About Us Sabine REINHOLD 19 December 2023



Created in 2015 within the Jean Busnot group, former third-largest specialized broker in France and founder of the international network ICBA, our consulting firm is led by a partner who is a pioneer in trade credit insurance techniques tailored to deconsolidating receivables financing and international programs.

Since the 2008 financial crisis, these structured solutions have indeed experienced remarkable growth, especially in Europe, despite the challenges posed by the concentration of insurance counterparties in this niche market.

To address the persistent frustration of institutions and finance departments frequently limited by partial and versatile guarantees, we have developed a powerful response designed to outperform standard single-company contracts through syndication.

Although this technique is commonplace in the management of large risks, the challenges were considerable in credit insurance, where only a handful of experimental arrangements achieved the feat of covering and managing hundreds or even thousands of credit limits shared between several insurers and currencies.

After a year of intensive negotiations, our solution finally saw the light in 2016, in partnership with the industry’s leading players.

It is now a key element in the credit enhancement of several well-known banks specialising in trade receivables financing.


The continued growth and the diversity of the operations handled by our brokerage house over the following years enabled us to consolidate our management procedures and digitise them within our first dedicated IT application.

The period of the Covid-19 pandemic confirmed the exceptional resilience of our model, the relevance of our product and the quality of our insurance drafting expertise, which led to the assumption of several tens of millions of euros in claims.

Mid-2022 saw our transition to independence following the absorption of Cabinet Jean Busnot by the DIOT-SIACI Group, and the mobilisation of our resources to prepare for the roll-out of our flagship product, particularly with large companies and multinationals.

This momentum finally gave birth to a new, 100% proprietary risk and guarantees management SaaS platform, consecrated by the industry a year later.


A team of credit insurance and receivables financing experts at the cutting edge of the digital revolution

Headed by an executive with 25 years’ experience in major market operations, our brokerage firm stands out for its ability to design credit insurance products tailored to the financial challenges faced by large-scale companies.
We’re renowned for our innovative spirit, keen understanding of trends and cutting-edge practices. This enables us to constantly push the limits of our insurers’ acceptance to develop disruptive solutions.

We constantly strive for irreproachable professional ethics and convincing results to contribute to lasting confidence in the credit insurance and receivables financing sector.

We contribute to the continuous improvement of industry standards, and place clients’ needs and satisfaction at the heart of our innovations. In doing so, we create forward-looking solutions that meet policyholders’ expectations for a long time to come.

An entirely family-owned business, reinvesting profits in research and development initiatives.